Today: NYC, Tomorrow: Chicago


Tomorrow (or rather, today, since it's currently 2am) we head west! We'll stop halfway through the country and end up in a city that we have been so nostalgic for lately: Chicago. Daniel lived in Chicago for three years (which means I basically lived in Chicago for three years) but neither of us have been back for nearly two years, so this trip is long overdue. Then, after time spent in Chicago, we'll be traveling north and spending time in a part of the country we haven't yet visited: Grand Rapids, Michigan.

So what's on our itinerary? You can look forward to posts about:

And in Michigan we'll be exploring:

Of course, one of the reasons we're so excited about returning to Chicago is for the food! When it comes to all-American cuisine, Chicago has no competition! We'll be chowing down at:

We're particularly excited to do some research - for blogging purposes, of course - and answer the question "who has the best deep dish pizza?" Stay tuned!