What we Thought About In-N-Out

“The Best Burger” is an age-old competition in America. And if you’re from California, chances are that you would argue the best burger comes from In-N-Out Burger. Although Daniel lived in LA for a month and visited a few times even after, he never ate at In-N-Out; so we got to take our first steps into the cult-following together.

Sadly, we both agreed that it was nothing special. Amanda got animal-style fries and a double-double with onions; Daniel got regular fries and a double-double with onions.

Our first quote after joining the In-N-Out cult following:

“Comparable to Wendy’s, at best.” - Daniel
“It’s yummy. But I would definitely rather eat at Shake Shack.” - Amanda

Local burgers that beat In-N-Out:

Shake Shack (NYC)

Epic Burger (Chicago)

Juicy Burger (LA)

Chain burgers that also beat In-N-Out:

Five Guys


We decided that In-N-Out must be a California-pride sort of thing. In the same way, people from York, PA (our hometown) swear by Sheetz (a gas station with made-to-order food; it’s better than it sounds) but when we take an out-of-towner, they are very underwhelmed. To be clear, we ate at In-N-Out twice. We got milkshakes the second time, dropped the onions from the burgers and didn’t get the animal-style fries because we were definitely not into those. Again, yummy. But nowhere near superior.

The best part of In-N-Out: it photographs well. How good do those burgers look?