Meet More Traveling Couples

It's a cool thing to find other people who share your passions and lifestyle ... and our blog has given us a platform to do just that. Daniel and I began this post by writing about ourselves and our own current step in our travels, but we soon decided that we wanted to expand these questions to other couples who had been inspiring our own travels. So, read our own introduction, then continue on to meet other traveling couples. Because, if you're looking for stories of love and adventure, these blogs and instagram feeds need to be explored!


Our World Canvas

A little bit about you and your partner: Daniel and I have been married for three years. When not traveling, we live in NYC; he works in the television industry (having worked in production for projects like Netflix' Marvel series and FOX's Gotham), and I am a freelance artist and social media director. We love adventure and exploration, immersing ourselves in other cultures, and seeing more than just the small corner of the world we grew up in. Visit the 'About Me' on this page for more information. 

Where in the world are you now? Currently, we're in New York City. Daniel is finishing up work with Marvel's Defenders and I'm painting a few murals I've been commissioned to paint ... but in May, we'll begin 5 weeks of travel across our own country (and a little bit of Canada). We want to see the rest of USA before our (hopeful/probable) longterm travel begins next year. 

And what is your favorite place in the world, if the two of you had to agree on one? There are so many places in this world that have inspired us. The ones that immediately jump to mind include Quartier Petit Camplain in Quebec City, the Jökulsárlón in Iceland, the French Quarter in New Orleans, Joshua Tree National Park in California, and Koh Phi Phi Island in Thailand. We are also heads-over-heels in love with our very own New York City. But we both agreed that we can't yet pick a very favorite because there are just so many more places to see in this big, beautiful world!  


Two Drifters

A little bit about you and your partner: We're Amy & Nathan Hartle, a married couple in our 30s. As of April 9th, we'll have been married one year, so guess we're technically no longer newlyweds. But we always live with a sense of adventure and love, so we know that newlywed glow will stay with us. We met in 2011 in a hostel dorm room in Edinburgh, Scotland. This serendipitous meeting was the start of our love affair.....with Scotland! We're couples travel & lifestyle bloggers who share tales on our favorite spots, tips for romantic getaways, and advice on how to build a stronger relationship. We are big believers in love!

Where in the world are you now? For a few years we traveled long-term and were real life "digital nomads." But now, we're starting a new journey that's a little more settled. We'll be finding a home base in New England and while we still plan to travel, we'll be having a whole lot more adventures closer to home. 

And what is your favorite place in the world, if the two of you had to agree on one? In addition to sparking our romance, Scotland also became one of our favorite places in the world. We've since been back several times and it still holds that magic for us.

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The Married Wanderers


A little bit about you and your partner: We are Jen and Rudolph, a traveling couple from South Africa who travel the world and prove that “marriage is nothing if not an adventure." Our love for travel began in a small tent in Cape Town and has run wild ever since. We recently took the plunge and quit their jobs and rented out our house to pursue this adventure full time. And boy, has that been the best decision yet! 

Where in the world are you now? We are traveling through Southeast Asia for 8 months and are currently lost somewhere in the mountains of Vietnam.

And what is your favorite place in the world, if the two of you had to agree on one? This is an impossible question as we hate to compare experiences and cultures - we literally love them all and especially how they differ: But here we go: Our favourite beach is Malcapuya Island in the Philippines; town is Dubrovnik in Croatia; chill spot is in the secret pool of Kuangsi Waterfall in Laos; and landscape is the Mountain Zebra National Park in South Africa. But Venice will always be a favourite, being the city where Rudi went down on one knee in a wobbly gondola and where the married adventures begun.

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Wander With Us

A little bit about you and your partner: My partner and I both reside in Canada but hail from different provinces. Elena (@styleconceptblog) is from Calgary, Alberta, while I (@davidbrown30) am from Hamilton, Ontario. We met 5 and half years ago in Vancouver, British Columbia, while Elena was going to school and I was a professional hockey player, and as fate would have it, we have been together ever since.

Where in the world are you now? We are currently in Toronto, Ontario, as we are preparing for the next great adventure in our lives as we plan to make the move to one of the most exciting cities in the world. If you have never visited I suggest you add it to your itinerary immediately! It's always tough to decide on a place to visit let alone live, but we are lucky to be able to have such a world class city on our doorstep as Toronto is definitely the focal point for virtually everything in Canada. We just recently returned from our latest excursion overseas where I was graduating with my Master's Degree from the University of Hull in England.  As you would expect, we took advantage of our time overseas and jammed the schedule full of adventure with stops in London, Edinburgh, Palermo, Taormina, Catania and Syracuse (Italy) to name a few.

And what is your favorite place in the world, if the two of you had to agree on one? Elena and I had some back and forth when trying to pinpoint our favorite city as can be expected when you have visited over 25 countries around the world. However, we were able to come to agreement that Barcelona, Spain, is the rightful champion at the top of our list. Barcelona is such a magical city as it has a little bit of everything as we were constantly on our toes for the next adventure which seemed to await us at every turn. There is so much culture and history in the city that you really have to take your time to appreciate all the amazing details that are carefully crafted throughout. Of course you have world famous beaches which provide some of the most amazing views you could ever imagine, but, what makes this place so special is that within a few steps you are back within the architectural sanctity of the city where you can marvel at the extraordinary works of Antoni Gaudi. His astonishing creations are absolutely incredible to see in person, from Park Guell, to Casa Batllo, to the world famous Basilica of the Sagrada Familia, there is always something to marvel at in this city. 

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Ditching Normal

A little bit about you and your partner: We are Mat and Lacey Thompson.  We met in San Francisco, CA about 10 years ago, got engaged in Riomaggiore, Italy 3 years ago, and were married in Cabo San Lucas, MX 2 years ago. While we love to travel and experience new things, we also cherish our at-home time in sweatpants watching Netflix. Nothing beats falling asleep to an episode of Friends, How I Me Your Mother, or The Office. We pride ourselves on downsizing while striving for a minimalist lifestyle. About 4 years ago we sold our 2000+ square foot home and purchased a 900 sq ft condo. It was a shock to the system at first, but I can't tell you how much happier we are without the burden of all those possessions weighing us down! We have a chubby 13 year old lab named Maggy and a super fat tabby cat named Quamy. We started a travel/lifestyle blog over a year ago at where we give tips on credit card rewards travel in addition to things like packing tips, downsizing tips, and food recommendations. Our favorite part has been being able to help others travel more by sharing our step by steps for free travel.

Where in the world are you now? We are currently living in a condo in downtown Boise, Idaho but are doing our best to get out of town at least once a month.  The Southwest Companion pass has made that a LOT easier to accomplish this past year+.  Last year alone we visited 20 new cities and 4 different countries.

And what is your favorite place in the world, if the two of you had to agree on one? If we had to agree on 1 place we would call our favorite, it would be Florence, Italy.  It is the perfect combination of art, history, scenery, and food!  Wine country is just a scooter ride away and you're a quick train ride from the beautiful Italian coastline.  I don't think either one of us would argue if we had to pack up and move there right now.  Let us know if you have any questions!  We'd love to hear from you.

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Feather and The Wind

A little bit about you and your partner: We’re Fel and Wes: a Canadian couple traveling to unplanned places, spending less money and having more fun along the way. We’re not usually ones to bounce around on a busy itinerary, but instead prefer to spend at least a month in each country so that we can learn more about the culture, the language and (our favourite) the food. Slow travel really helps us stick to a budget and we’re able to stay on the road longer by working as freelancers. To capture the adventure, we film fun travel vlogs for our YouTube channel and share budget tips and inspiration on our travel blog.

Where in the world are you now? “Where in the world are Fel and Wes?” is a question we hear often. After spending 6 months in Central and Eastern Europe, we’ve made a spontaneous decision to settle in Bangkok for the next little while. We hardly ever plan too far in advance and our next destination will probably be determined by a flight deal that is too good to pass up. It’s not always easy to keep track of our whereabouts and we even end up throwing friends and family for a loop!

And what is your favorite place in the world, if the two of you had to agree on one?  The hardest question of all… It seems the longer we spend in any given place, the more we end up loving it and the harder it is to leave. Our top 3 cities (at the moment) would be Puerto Vallarta, Guanajuato (Mexico) and Split (Croatia). In each of these cities, we had the chance to spend at least a month in local neighbourhoods, explore more of the surroundings and make new friends. As our travels continue, so does our list of places we can call home!

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