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My Favorite Travel Moments

Since marriage, Daniel and I have played with elephants and swam with wild seals; we've hung off of skyscrapers, capsized our jet ski, and raced across Canadian trails on our personal dog sled. Needless to say, life isn't boring. We've found ourselves blessed with exciting, colorful opportunities around every corner and we've taken advantage of them! But despite that level of excitement, I vividly remember my two favorite travel moments of 2016 (so far.)

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Exploring Koh Phi Phi Island

One of our favorite days in Thailand - actually one of our favorite days, ever - was spent touring the islands surrounding Koh Phi Phi. Read about what's involved when traveling to Koh Phi Phi, how to charter a longtail boat, and why there's no doubt in our minds that the white beaches and limestones cliffs are truly a part of paradise.

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