Up and Down Mulholland Drive

Daniel's Top 3 California 'Must Sees' 

#3: Mulholland Drive

I drove Mulholland Drive at nighttime, which added a bit of an adrenaline rush to an otherwise peaceful journey. In the dark, it was hard to notice the inclines and comically exaggerated twists until we were actually on them, making Amanda a nervous wreck. The Drive starts in Hollywood before it winds through Beverly Hills and all the way into the Santa Monica Mountains. It provides you with some awesome views of the skyline, the pacific ocean and the valley; as well as some close encounters with whale-sized mansions and the knowledge that you’re only a few yards away from Miley Cyrus.

The reason why I loved the drive was because of the nighttime view: the lights of the skyline were brilliant against the black sky. Though you would probably get a better view of the vastness of LA—and the vastness of the houses around you, for that matter—in the daytime, I would recommend taking the drive at night.

Mulholland Drive Logistics:

  • Don't drive fast. We're not exaggerating how intensely curvy the road is.
  • Give yourself at least an hour for the trip if you are doing the stretch between Hollywood and Beverly Hills.
  • If you're going to stop for photos, only pull off in the designated areas. I've heard police are strict about ticketing tourists up there.
  • On that note, many of the scenic lookouts officially "close" around 9PM. You should be fine to hop out and snap a few photos, but don't hang around too long if you don't want a ticket.
  • Put your windows down and enjoy!