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One of our favorite parts of the online travel blogging community is the other travelers we get to interact with - whether its in person or online, we’ve formed friendships with travelers around the world! We asked these 6 travelers to tell us a little about themselves, as well as tell us their 3 favorite destinations in this world, and their 3 top bucket list locations. Check them out, then follow them for more!


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I've lived in the city of Chicago my whole life, but caught the travel bug when I studied abroad in Rome in college. I was able to explore 9 countries in Europe at that time and I knew travel would become a priority in my life. I work full-time but get away on my limited vacation days and on weekends. I love finding hiking and adventure excursions no matter where I travel and have the goal to hike every National Park in the U.S. My blog ( documents my travels for others.

3 Favorite Destinations:

  • Poland, because it's a very underrated country and it's where my family is from.

  • Iceland, because the landscape is unparalleled and it's the first country I traveled to solo.

  • Olympic National Park, because you can visit so many different ecosystems within one park: beautiful beaches, the top of mountains and even rainforests climates!

3 Top Bucket List Locations:

  • Anywhere you can see the Northern Lights (I'm planning a trip in 2019 to the arctic circle to see them.)

  • New Zealand, because it looks beautiful.

  • Mount Everest; this one may sound crazy, but I've always wanted to trek to Everest Base Camp. I don't need to go any further up the mountain than that!

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Photo Credit: Grace Kathryn Photography

Photo Credit: Grace Kathryn Photography

We’re a married adventure couple in love with traveling to new places and discovering pulse-pounding, awe-inspiring experiences that connect us deeper with nature and the beautiful cultures of our planet. We seek experiences that teach us life-long lessons and truly believe that travel has the ability to break down the barriers of racism and xenophobia.  The more we get to know one another, the less capable we are of hate.  And let’s face it, the world could use a whole lot more love right now! 

We share our travel stories in the hopes that you’ll feel inspired to embark on your own adventures-whether to a park you’ve never visited in your home town, or to far flung continents you’ve only dreamed of-get out there and explore this beautiful world of ours!  #ComeWanderWithUs

3 Favorite Destinations:

  • New Zealand

  • Costa Rica

  • Tahiti

3 Top Bucket List Locations:

  • Greenland

  • Australia

  • Sri Lanka

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Hello Everyone! My name is Joy and I currently live in NYC! I love traveling, planning, and photography and decided to do something that involves all three: traveling and sharing my tips and pictures through my website and Instagram! I got my love of traveling from my mom and went on my first international trip in 7th grade to Costa Rica with my church and I knew that this was what I wanted to do!

3 Favorite Destinations:

  • Kenya because I got to go on a safari!

  • London because that was my dream destination for the longest time.

  • Iceland because it was the most beautiful nature I have ever seen!

3 Top Bucket List Locations:

I have about 1,000 places and things on my bucket list, but right now my top three are:

  • Niagara Falls

  • Prague

  • Machu Picchu

My dream though is to see as much of the world as I can and help others travel well!

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We're Corina & Jay, a couple of digital nomads who live in Airbnbs full-time. In 2017 we decided a normal life just wasn't for us, so we sold all our stuff and traded our fixed address for a modern gypsy life. Now we spend our time Airbnb-ing around Melbourne and other parts of Australia, and regularly travelling the world.

3 Favorite Destinations:

  • Japan. This is definitely the most awesome country we've visited. We loved everything about Japan – the food, the rich culture, the people, the beautiful landscapes and scenery. Fave cities were Osaka (for the food) and Tokyo (for everything else).

  • Peru. There's some serious magic sprinkled over this country. And Peruvian food is wold-class, I mean, who could get tired of eating ceviche everyday! Our fave city was Cusco - it was a great spot to work from and soak up Peru's history and culture. We also went into the Amazon jungle to do an ayahuasca retreat while we were there - that one's not for the faint hearted!

  • Thailand. We've been to Thailand a few times and never get tired of it. On our last trip to Thailand we did our open water diving certification on Koh Tao island then skipped over the Koh Phangan for a crazy New Years Eve Full Moon Party. So much fun.

3 Top Bucket List Locations:

  • Mexico and Central America. Beautiful weather, delicious food, amazing diving - yes please!

  • The Philippines. The wifi situation isn't great there so we're saving this one for when we can take decent amount of time off work. With over 7000 islands, it looks like a tropical paradise and the perfect place to go island hopping and get lost for a little while.

  • Japan, again. We loved it so much that we're desperate to go back and explore more of this amazing country. And because sushi, ramen and melon pan ice-cream.

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Hello! We're Jenn, the ex-hippie ski bum and Ed, the mad scientist physicist and together we are Coleman Concierge. We believe in the transformative power of adventure travel and write about amazing adventures for ordinary people. You don't need to be a superhero to have an adventure that can change the way you look at the world. To really get to know somebody, you should look at how they travel.

3 Favorite Destinations:

  • Sri Lanka, because we got to see baby elephants in the wild doing what baby elephants do!

  • Whitefish, Montana and nearby Glacier National Park is, for us, the most beautiful place on Earth.

  • Belize has the best caves around where you could tube through caves, canoe through caves, and even explore caves filled with Mayan pottery and fully articulated human skeletons. 

3 Top Bucket List Locations:

Our love of adventure and animals shows through on our bucket list too. We’d most like to visit:

  • An African safari where we can see the "Big Five" in their natural habitat

  • The Galapagos Islands and seeing all the life above and below the water

  • Antartica to see what life is like at the bottom of the world

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My lust for travel started when I was unfortunately hit by a car and broke 2 bones in my leg. I watched all my close friends jet off on their gap years whilst I was stuck bed bound. I swore to myself that I would get out and see the world for myself, and here I am nearly 7 years later having travelled to a total of 48 countries, spanning 4 continents. I love photography, so you will always see me with a camera in hand, bending over backwards for the right angle for my shot. I'm also a huge dog lover who is constantly following dog Instagram’s for future inspiration and #doggoals.

3 Favorite Destinations:

It's always hard to decide where my 3 favourite places in the world are. I usually change my mind on a monthly basis but at the moment I have fond memories from:

  • Elephant Nature Park (ENP) in Thailand, where I spent a week caring for beautiful elephants, dogs and cats!

  • Nepal where I did a 160m bungee jump.

  • Germany for the bratwurst and beer!

3 Top Bucket List Locations:

Our love of adventure and animals shows through on our bucket list too. We’d most like to visit:

  • Myanmar

  • The Philippines

  • Greece (which I am due to visit in June 2019)

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