Our Trip to Iceland: Day 3

But wait! Have you read about Day 1 and Day 2 yet? Do that first!

Day 3 was our day to explore Reykjavik! We got an early start so that we could stop for brunch. Daniel took me to The Laundromat Cafe in downtown Reykjavik. I got the 'veggie basic' breakfast: "two friend eggs, grilled tomatoes with toasted white or rye bread." Daniel got the 'dirty brunch' - "sausages, hand-cut bacon, scrambled eggs, butter fried potatoes, and grilled tomato with Greek yogurt and muesli." The breakfast was, so far, the best food we'd had during our trip - though expensive, like everything in Iceland.

After our stomachs were full, we wandered the city. It was expansive yet quaint at the same time. We enjoyed shopping for a souvenir (we pick up a piece of local art in every destination we visit); our Icelandic piece is among our favorite in our collection so far. Aside from the art in the shop, there were stunning pieces of street art hidden throughout the winding roads. Stumbling across this art was one of our favorite parts about wandering Reykjavik.

We also managed to squeeze in a visit to famous Lutheran parish church, Hallgrimskirkja, and the Harpa Concert Hall, both of which were beautiful locations. When we got hungry again, we sampled the famous hot dogs from Baejarins Beztu Pylsur and the equally famous chocolate cake at Cafe Babalu.

(Side note: In both food-related instances, we were a bit disappointed and ended up just spending more money. Iceland brought a lot of beauty and majesty; but we'll admit it was a bit difficult to find good food, even after paying exorbitant prices. Being New Yorkers, when we hear that a location is expensive, we usually assume it matches New York prices. Iceland was not the case! Meals for two would average $50.)

At dusk, the biggest, fluffiest snowflakes began to fall peacefully from the sky. It was yet another magical moment that Iceland gave to us. If you find yourself in Reykjavik anytime soon, put aside an entire day to wander throughout downtown, look at the art and be entranced by the quaint streets.

That night, we made it back to our cozy airbnb in time to give our hosts' cats a few pats and then head off to bed.