Our Trip to Iceland: Day 5

Wait! Have you read about Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4 yet? Do that first! 

Day 5 was, sadly, our last day in Iceland. We packed up and said goodbye to our wonderful Airbnb hosts, then made our way to the airport. But before getting on a plane, we had one last stop: The Blue Lagoon. We’re glad we saved this stop for last. The Blue Lagoon is a 40 minute drive from Reykjavik, and then only another 20 minute drive to the airport. It’s also an excellent way to relax before getting on a flight. You have to pre-book your reservations, so keep that in mind while planning a trip; but also, be thankful for that restriction - that allows them to ensure that the lagoon doesn’t get too crowded. During the booking, you can add on any extras like towels, bathrobes, spa treatments and face masks. We added both the towels and bathrobes because it was a chilly January day, but decided against the spa treatment and face masks … we’d heard that the silica in the lagoon makes an excellent face mask! The Blue Lagoon has lockers, and it requires a shower before you enter. The milky-blue water is around 98 degrees Fahrenheit (in fact, we started to overheat!) And there are ‘booths’ within the lagoon where you can go to pick up a concentrated version of the silica that coats the floor of the lagoon, rather than scraping it up yourself. There are also bars where you can pick up any sort of hard or soft drink (slushies included!) If you visit the Lagoon in the winter, arrive while it’s still dark, so that you can watch the sky slowly turn to the color of the water you’re soaking in. We ‘cheers-ed’ to our anniversary with a blue raspberry slushie while watching the sun rise. It was an incredible end to an incredible time spent in Iceland!