What we did in the United Arab Emirates

From exploring Downtown Dubai and the infamous malls, to snapping pics of the incredible public art throughout the city, and from spending a day in the Arabian Desert to participating in a Q&A with Emirati locals - we jam-packed our 5 days in the United Arab Emirates. Take a look at all that we did when visiting Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.

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New Year's Eve in Dubai

This year, we decided to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the ‘Times Square’ of the other side of the world: Dubai. Read our account of the crowds, glitter, fireworks and energy, as well as the crazy (literal) barriers we had to overcome to get to the party we were planning on attending! It was a night to remember.

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Off the Beaten Path in NYC

If you’re visiting NYC for your first or even second time then by all means visit the Empire State Building, Times Square and the Statue of Liberty! These sites are famous for a reason, after all, and truly nothing compares to your first day in NYC, being swallowed by the concrete and movement. But if you consider yourself a frequent visitor, or if you’ve finally been able to call New York your home, then consider stepping off the beaten path and fill your itinerary with some of these awesome experiences instead.

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