Daniel is my intelligent, talented, charming husband. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 3 years and moved to New York City before landing his dream job(s). Since then, he’s worked in the production office for companies such as Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers, CBS, ABC, FOX, Comedy Central, TV Land, Netflix and Marvel Television. He’s passionate about storytelling through film and television, and loves art and culture of all kinds. He loves strategy board games, trying new ethnic cuisines and keeping up to date on current events. He is an invaluable teammate to have! Check out more about his professional accomplishments here.



I’m Amanda. I call myself a “professional millennial” because I make a living by posting on instagram (social media manager), hugging puppies (work for a non-profit dog rescue) and painting (freelance/commissioned artist.) I’d rather climb mountains than corporate ladders and that shows in the way I don’t let my hustle overwhelm my desire to truly live this life. I’m passionate about love, art, animals, philosophy and “the big picture.” I live to encourage and inspire. My favorite pastimes are star-gazing, shooting archery, eating cotton candy and making memories. Check out my artwork here and my digital marketing business here!